Become a better, Fitter version of yourself.

We’ve brought together a community of fitness enthusiasts that share the same vision and passion as we do.

Tribal Fitness is a premium boutique fitness facility.

Specializing in helping our clientele reach those personal and lifestyle fitness goals.

find the strength to step beyond your comfort zone.

This is where the real growth and magic happens.





“When it comes to achieving your goals, the people you surround yourself with are everything.”

At TRIBAL FITNESS, we’ve brought together a community of fitness enthusiasts that share the same vision and passion as we do – becoming a better, fitter version of ourselves. In belonging and unity, we find the strength to step beyond our comfort zones, which is where the real growth and magic happens.

From the heart of Central CBD, Hong Kong, Tribal Fitness is a premium boutique fitness facility specializing in helping our clientele reach those personal and lifestyle fitness goals.

A revolutionary approach to training programs.

The TRIBAL FITNESS regime is a comprehensive one that covers every element of wellness that can be customized to suit every individual’s needs. Free of limitations and possibilities, we encourage our clients to remain motivated through innovative programs that ensure the highest standard of training.

Founded by Carl Marks

With a professional sporting background, Carl is no stranger to an active lifestyle. As a highly skilled fitness professional with years of expertise, he’s passionate about fitness and living well.

A mission to stay at the top of his game means he’s always striving for more and elevating those around him to do the same. It’s why he joined the industry as an expert trainer, to push others to fulfil their fitness goals and dreams. From his background in competitive rugby, Carl knows that there’s strength in numbers.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is the key to finding your purpose and reaching your goals, two things at the very heart of TRIBAL FITNESS.

Make the right decision

Get in touch now for your FREE group or personal training consultation and let’s get you started on your fitness journey today!


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HYROX is upon us! As race day approaches, We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Tribal warriors participating at Hyrox this weekend - Good Luck.

It’s time to showcase the hard work and preparation that each of you have put in.

You have the entire Tribal community cheering you on 👊!

Asia World Expo - 25th & 26th November 2023.

1) Carl - Men’s Pro
2) Dan - Men’s Single
3)Jess & Sarah - Women’s Doubles
4) Nico - Men’s relay & Men’s single
5)Jello - Mixed Doubles
6) Sohee - Mixed Doubles/ Women’s Doubles
7) Akash & Neil - Men’s Doubles
8) Cesar - Mixed Doubles
9) Eliza - Mixed Doubles
10) Emily - Women’s Doubles
11) Nat - Mixed Doubles & Women’s Doubles
12) Dave - Men’s Single
13) Ben - Men’s Singles
14)Taryn & Grace - Women’s Doubles
15) Abi, Jess, John and Dima - Mixed Relay
16) Lawrence & Sara - Mixed Doubles
17) Taz and Hugh - Mixed Doubles

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SBD - INTENSIFICATION PHASE starting 20th Nov - 16th Dec 2023 (4 week cycle).

Improve your strength progression, technique and confidence by mastering the 3 main LIFTS: Squat, Bench & Deadlift.

Achieve an unbreakable base!

SBD CLASSES: 8am & 5pm
Mondays - Squat
Wednesdays - Bench
Fridays - Deadlift
Saturday - 9am , All 3 Full scale.

Weekly data is captured for a more detailed and effective programming structure!

Book your spot now (limited to max 6 per class) - App link in Bio

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Introducing WE MOVE - Stick Mobility Class.

A class where you’ll experience a dynamic fusion of mobility, strength, and flexibility exercises.

You will be using specially designed sticks to assist you improving joint health and overall body movement.

You’ll be educated and exposed to a variety of exercises and movements that will enhance your range of motion, stability, and physical performance.

Stick Mobility is a fantastic way to unlock your body’s full potential.

Classes run:
Thursdays - 8am & Sundays - 9am.

Book your spot now!

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Try incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your training routine.

HIIT involves alternating sets between short bursts of intense / hard exercise and periods of rest / lower intensity exercise.

By combining HIIT into your training you’re setting yourself up for a more athletic approach, by improved aerobic capacity, mobility, endurance and overall performance.

HIIT assists in increasing your metabolism for prolonged calorie expenditure throughout the day.

This type of training can be done in a short amount of time, therefore a great way to maximise your workout time.

Example of a Body Weighted HIIT workout: Total Time: +- 30min

Warm up: 2 Rounds 3min
20s High Knees / 30s Air Squats / 40s Plank Hold.

Rest: 1min

4 Rounds: 10min
30s x Burpee Broad Jump
30s x Mountain Climbers
30s x Plank Up / Down
Rest: 1min

4 Rounds: 10min
30s x Wall Sit
30s x Lunge Jumps
30s x Push up Rotations
Rest: 1min

Finisher: 5-6min
1km Run - 300m Hard / 200m Low x 2

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Happy Friday!! Let’s celebrate the sporting wins and accomplishments of our community outside of the gym🙌👊.

Great to see how everyones training is allowing them to thrive in their nominated sports.

Lets applaud and continue to support one another on our fitness journeys!

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Our coaches strive to provide you with the highest quality of training and results!

It’s our coaching teams responsibility and duty to ensure you remain motivated and feel supported during your fitness journey.

Best of all is that you are part of a encouraging fitness community.

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Let’s get personal! Enquire now for your FREE Personal Training consultation and fitness assessment.

Achieve your full fitness potential with our Personal Training program.

$850 per session - 10pack.
$800 per session - 20pack.

Customised training program.
Tailored nutrition plans.
24/7 Trainers support.
Daily check in.
Biweekly body composition testing.
Progress updates.

Challenge your limits. Make the right decision and get in touch.
WhatsApp: 5442 7645

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When it comes to achieving your goals, the people you surround yourself with are everything.

Come be part of our fitness tribe and let us help you step beyond your comfort zone.

Achieve and sustain the health and fitness results you’ve always wanted.

We look forward to welcoming you in!

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Buzzy vibe this morning. Tribe getting after it💪👊.

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Starting 21st August 2023, we will kick off our 12 week HYROX specific training program.

This will include HYROX specific classes and running programs to help you achieve championship conditioning.

The ultimate training program to ensure your exercise execution and efficiency is on point.

HYROX Specific classes:
Wednesdays - 7am
Fridays - 6pm
Sundays - 8am (outdoor / race simulation)

Non Members: $2500 for 12 sessions per month.

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Happy Wednesday!!😂🤠

Don’t be like Charlie THE COWBOY 🤠 ❌ 🚑 .

Focus on correct exercise execution to avoid injury and to ensure optimal muscle recruitment is achieved.

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‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way’.

Our dynamic Trio of trainers are here to lead you into your fitness journey!

Each unique in their style and expertise.

Carl, Tyler and Harrison are committed to leading the way and guiding you through your fitness journey.

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“ENTER A WARRIOR, LEAVE A CHAMPION” . Much love and respect to our hard working community❤️👊. Always battle ready!

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