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At TRIBAL FITNESS our regime is comprehensive and covers every element of fitness that can be customized to suit every individual’s needs. Free of limitations and possibilities, we encourage our clients to remain motivated through innovative programs that ensure the highest standard of training.


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Tribal Fitness group classes.

Tribal Fitness group training classes cover Strength training, Functional training and Aerobic Conditioning classes to suite your needs.

Small classes in an intimate setting.
Structured programs developed by fitness professionals.
Dynamic, challenging, fun & results-driven environment.
Variety of classes for a more comprehensive training schedule.
A class for every fitness level and everyone is welcome to join the tribe.
Minimum 6 classes per day & 140 classes per month.

Tribal Fitness Group class Programs.


Legacy LIFT

This is the ultimate strength class. Alternating between Upper Body, Lower Body and Full Body training days. Emphasis on achieving progression and correct exercise execution to ensure ultimate strength and muscle stamina is achieved.


FIT-Unstoppable / FIT-Dynamite

A comprehensive functional training class designed to provide a more athletic approach. Improves endurance, mobility, agility, plyometrics and functional strength. Provides two different workout structures for a challenging endurance atmosphere that achieves optimal results.


Calorie Blaze

When burning fat is all about burning calories, this class delivers a cardio-based, fast-paced, electric and challenging atmosphere. Programmed around a combination of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) & HIFT (High-Intensity Functional Training) to help push you through your perceived limits and achieve championship conditioning.


Squat, Bench & Deadlift

Masterclass. Learn the fundamentals to execute the correct exercise technique for the 3 main Powerlifting Lifts. Weekly progression is achieved by providing you with a detailed, structured and effective programming structure. Also the confidence to move some heavy iron. Mastering these 3 LIFTS will provide you with an unbreakable base and translate this into your everyday training. Mondays – Squat, Wednesdays – Bench, Fridays – Deadlift & Saturdays – Full Scale all 3.


We Move Mobility & Stretch

A class dedicated to taking care of your body. A program designed to promote better movement of your body throughout all ranges of motion. This will help improve your exercise execution across the board & your general day to day living.


Power Crunch

A strong Core allows your body to function properly during exercising and reduces the risk of injury. This class is the ultimate Core workout. A 45min workout designed to target your Core conditioning from all angles. A mix of isolation, stability and functional core exercises.

group class pricing options.

All class pack purchases are NON-Refundable and NON-Transferable
If you’re not sure, book a free consultation and one of our fitness professionals will assist you to find the right package to suit your training needs.

Packages can be bought off our Tribal fitness App on Apple or Google Play stores.

Use as you train Credits


DROP IN - $350

Validity – 7 days


10 PACK - $3,000

Validity – 45 days


20 Pack - $5,000

Validity – 90 days


30 Pack - $6,750

Validity – 120 days

Unlimited Class Monthly Pass


3 MONTHS - $3,350pm

Monthly Auto-Pay


6 MONTHS - $3,000pm

Monthly Auto-Pay


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